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February 2006
Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006 08:37 pm

So I had two interviews this week. One yesterday and one today.

The one yesterday is outside the company I work for as a temp currently. It
is a salary position with being on call one weekend a month. The hours would be
longer some days but the pay could average out to be at least 3 dollars more an
hour I am making now. I think I would really enjoy the job since I would get to
talk to a lot of people and try and help them find the best care.

The interview today is with the company I work for. I actually worked for
the hiring manager as a temp. I really enjoyed working there and the work was
not that bad. I think what I like most there was the people. It is an entry
level hourly position. I would get a small raise from what I am making now but
probably not more the 50 cents. I do like it there though.

I should hear back from the company I interviewed with on Monday by Friday
to see schedule a 2nd interview. Hopefully I will get to go back for
another interview. The 2nd interview today we should here something by
Friday or Monday. It is hard to say which one I want. Money is nice but I also
like a nice and friendly working environment. I will just hope I will here from
one since my temp contract runs out on the 17th. I would like to have a job by
then. :)

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Sat, Dec. 10th, 2005 08:41 pm

Rich and I adopted an adorable beagle from the animal shelter. We have not come up with a name yet. It is becoming hard to come up with oen we both like. The dog does like to snoop around a lot and he is very clingy. He follows us where ever we go. We left to go shopping for an hour and came back and he was barking so loud we heard him in the parking lot of our complex. I hope our neighbors do not complain since we not suppose to have him yet.

Here are some pictures. Suggest names if you got any.


Sat, Oct. 29th, 2005 01:15 pm

I making Halloween cookies for tonight. This reminds me of being a kid when we use to make cookies for every holiday. I just need some icing and sprinkles to decorate them but prolly just settle with sprinkles. LOL

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Chat with yall soon.


Sat, Oct. 22nd, 2005 12:37 pm

Hello All
I am looking over all 1500+ professional wedding pictures I have on 5 cds. I thought I would give yall a sample for now since I have not uploaded these to shutterfly yet. One is of my cake I just love and the other one is a nice picture of Rich and I.


Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005 12:17 pm

I know its been a long time since I have posted anything but with the wedding and all I had not time. The wedding went off great and nothing major happened. The honeymoon cruise was so much fun and much needed break from work. I can not wait to go back. I am making this a short entry since my lunch break is almost over but I wanted to post some links to some non professional wedding pictres. The first link was taken by Naomi at the Country Abbey. She is the one that runs the place and such a sweet lady. The 2nd link was taken with my sister Amys camera. Now I am just waiting on the professional ones.




Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005 12:24 pm

I having fun planning my wedding and getting items I like. Today I got the unity candle I orderd off ebay last month. It is hand carved and it is so beautiful. I think after the wedding I might order a candle stand from them to display it in our house. It cost me about 50 bucks including shipping but I think it is well worth it. Of course I will include a picture so yall all can see. If you are looking for a unitycandle I would would check out the seller unitycandles on Ebay. I am so excite *giggles*

I am working on a Wedding website maybe I will have that up soon. I am also excited today because I have had enough of my boss being a jackass and I sendingh im what I have completed and saying have fun completing it without me. :)

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Mon, Mar. 21st, 2005 10:33 pm

I know its been almost a year since I wrote anything but with graduating and moving and getting a job I been kind of busy. Also on this year of my birthday Rich and I got engaged. Planning a wedding has also kept me very busy. We are getting married Oct. 1, 2005 at the Country Abbey in Justin, Texas. We already reserved that, our photographer and Candy Haven to make our cakes. We had our cake tasting last weekend and that was so much fun. I am still looking at dresses but have not gone to the store to try them on. I wanna lose a few pounds before I go. I will have a bigger update later I just need to rant about my job today so enjoy.

My Worthless Boss
I am so pissed at my boss today. I have been working 2 months on a standards scripting manual for new employees. He plans on hiring a few more people here and India. We had meetings like 3 weeks where I took notes and it was also being recorded. I got sick thanks to him since he came to work sick. I missed a whole week of work with bronchitis. While I was gone he told my fiancé who also works there that I was not taking enough notes. I was so pissed off at that point because he never talks to me. I have been transferring my notes into Word and organizing them after each meeting so I had about 12 pages of notes. He never once asked to see them so he could not say I was not doing anything. He asked to finally see them last week and I gave them to him and he was like umm I am not sure when I will get through these and give you feed back. Sometimes I think he is a sexist since I am the only female in the office. It could also be his culture since he is from India and all. Well today was the last straw.

I have been listening to the recording of the meetings since last week and the recording is not very good at all. Like ever 30 seconds it starts screeching
really loud and I have to wear earphones so I do not disturb the other employees. I have been working so hard on it to get it done because my fiancé is
leaving soon and I want to quit to. What I have been doing is listening to the recorder taking notes and listening again and seeing what I miss. It is like 7 hours long total the recording and I am barely through 30 minutes. I have been reorganizing my notes into html just because I thought it would be easier and less time to get the manual done. Well today he comes to me after I sent him an email on Friday that I wanted to talk to him. He sits down and talks to me for 2 minutes that is about average time I get to talk to him. He told me he does not think I would be useless without his help. Oh my gosh I just wanted to smack him because I have been doing all this work with out since the meetings were over. I have only emailed him once and that was today because I could not understand the recordings. He still has not gone over the notes with me that I gave him last week and now he wants me to stop putting the recording notes I have into html where they are all organized and start doing them in word and organizing. That’s another step which in the long run will take forever to finish this document. The best part is he said he does not have time to spend with me until about 4 -6 weeks from now because he hired a new guy and needs to work with him. I always get pushed backed and to think he really wanted these manuals.

I so hope one of those jobs I interviewed for in the last two weeks call me back. I really would like to finish this project mostly just for my portfolio but they way he is treating me if I get another job I will not finish it and it will be his entire fault. I do not really care at this point and have spent the last hour since he talked to me searching for jobs online. If he thinks I am useless without him then I will work some and look for jobs. *giggles*

Ok, that makes me feel better to get it out. Don’t up just hate worthless people who try
to being you down to their level?


Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004 11:27 am

My mother had a tumor removed last December from her brain. She had complications right after the surgery. Her left lung collapsed and they found a blood clot in the lung also. A month after the surgery they told us she probably would not make it. They gave us some options. The first option was to take her off the vent that was helping her breath and let her live out in a nursing home. The second option was to leave her on the vent and let her live in a hospital or nursing home for the rest of the life. Two days after the doctors told us this my mom's lung invailted and she was taken off the vent. She still have the trac in her neck but she was pretty much breathing on her own.

In February she was relapsed from the hospital to a nursing home. She only stayed there from one day then was rushed back to the hospital because she had double pneumonia. She stayed there about another month and was sent back to the nursing home. I went to visit her during spring break and she did not look happy. She could not talk or move much at all. She would move her right side some and wave when you left. I could tell she was not happy she would never smile just frown some. It was not my mom and I knew she did not like being in that state. After my spring break was up I came back to school to try and concentrate on my studies.

Last Monday night I get a call from my younger sister saying that my mom has been rushed to the hospital. She had stopped breathing but that had got her back through CPR but she was back on the vent and this time it was breathing for her 98%. I stayed up most of the night worried because they said her heart rate kept getting lower and only thing keeping it up was medicines. I wend to class the next day with maybe 2 hours of sleep. After my first class I heard from my sister and what the doctors where telling her. They said my mom had an infection that was caused by a block in the tube in her urine track. Her bladder had been full and the nursing home never noticed it. Anyways she was still stable so I went to my next class then home. Later that afternoon my sister calls me again saying the doctors think it is best if we sign a DNR. I think if it was back in January I would have said no but I knew she had been suffering and I told my sister that I think we should sign it but needed to talk to my older sister and see what she said. We thought at this point it meant they would not perform CPR.

Rich and I decided to go to Wal-Mart because we were low on groceries. We were not at the store more then 10 minutes when my younger sister calls again. She says the DNR is meant to take her off all medicines and machines. She also says that my mom's heart rate has dropped again and they are giving her medicines to keep it stable. Rich and I had down to Humble after going home to pack. We arrive in Humble around midnight and head up to the hospital. This hospital is a lot smaller then the one she had her surgery at. The people are a lot nicer. They let us into ICU even if it was after visiting hours. We visit my mom until 2 am. My younger sister was there and we both decided its time to sign the DNR. My mom looked so weak and so small. It was not the way I wanted to remember my mom. The DNR would not take effect until in the morning when the Doctor could sign it so we left for the night around 2am. We were going to meet back at the hospital at 9am when my mom's brother would be there and friends from the church.

My mother was a preschool teacher. She had been with the church over 20 years and had work there for over 13 years. She had touched a lot of lives and that was seen. My mom was the bible story teacher and she could touch many young children with her stories.

When we got to the hospital people from the church were already there. My younger sister and I arrived with Rich. We took turns going in and spending time with her. My mom's brother and his wife showed up not to longer after we arrived. Different people from the church stopped by since it was just across the street. It was nice to see all these people with her. My older sister was driving in from Austin. My sister and I kept waiting on our other sister to arrive but we decided around 1:30pm that would stop the medicine but keep the vent on just hoping my other sister would get there. My mom was a fighter as her heart rate dropped. It would not go below 50 and if it did it did not stay there long. We waited another hour but my sister from Austin never arrived. The time we believed she had left would have meant she would have already been there. So close to 3pm we shut everything off and they gave my mother oxygen. We got a radio and turned on her favorite station which was the religious channel KSBJ. The song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me came on and it fit the moment so perfect. That is when she went to be with my dad who passed away over 20 years ago. It was the perfect moment to go. The room was full of people she loved. There was probably close to 10 people in the room.

We stayed for another hour hoping our other sister would arrive but she never did. We left to go eat since we had not eaten since breakfast. I ate but not that much. I had cried but by the time we got to the restaurant I was calm about her death because I knew that it is what she wanted. Finally we here from my older sister. She made it to the hospital around 5pm. My mom was still in her room so she got to say her goodbyes. My 8 year old niece was with her too. They met us at the restaurant. I lost it again when I saw my little niece cry. It was hard to see pain in her eyes. After dinner we went home.

The viewing was Thursday night and the funeral was Friday at noon. I made it through the funeral and felt calm after it was finished. She was buried next to my father in Buna, TX which is near Beaumont. After the funeral we drove to Buna which is 2 hours away. My grandfather and his wife, my other uncle and his wife and 2 cousins where also there. The gravesite funeral only lasted about 10 minutes. Then we headed back to my grandpas house for a bit before heading back to Humble.

I stayed in Humble until Sunday when Rich and I headed back to Denton. I am going to try and finish my studies since I am so close to graduation. I know my mom would want me to too. I love my mom and it is going to be hard with out her around.

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Mon, Jan. 5th, 2004 11:14 am

I certainly do now.

My mom has been in the hospital since November. She had a tumor removed in December. She has been on a ventilator since the surgery. She was moving her right side only but could not talk because of the vent. She would try and move her lips but there was movement at least. She does have a left lung that is collapsed. My 2 sisters and my aunt and uncle had a meeting with the Doctors on Friday. They told us that she might never get off the ventilator. We had like 3 options. One option was to let her stay on the vent the rest of her life in another facility or take her to another facility and try and take her off slowly which had not worked before because her oxygen levels would drop and the last option was to just take her off and let her live how ever long she could. This past weekend has been hard crying because she is only 56 and to young to die.

Then today I wake up and I have an email from my younger sister. She was afraid it was to late to call me at 11pm but I was awake. hehe The email gave any update about my mom. She said that a best friend of my moms went to see her yesterday and mom was doing much better. The nurses said her lung was no longer collapsed. They said she is now breathing with both lungs. They even said they might try taking her off the ventilator tonight and see how it goes.

It just a miracle to go from the rest of your life never breathing on your own to there is a chance you might. She still only moving the right side of her body but that is expected since the tumor was removed mostly from the right side of her brain stem. The right side of your brain affects the left side of your body. Maybe with physical therapy she will make back to full recovery. I am so happy now and I have not been that happy lately. I think I will go back to work this week and head to my moms in a few weeks to see her.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts about my mom. Please keep them up she is not totally out of the woods yet.

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Thu, Dec. 4th, 2003 01:17 pm

Woot finally something to be happy about. My mom had her surgery yesterday to remove the tumor that was near her brain stem. They said it is not cancerous. They started the surgery yesterday at 1:30pm and did not finish until 11:30pm that night. My sister called while I was in my music class this morning to tell me that mom was doing fine. She is stable but still on blood pressure medicine which I can see since she hardly ever took care of that. My two sisters are headed up to Herman hospital in houston today. I wish I could go but I have work and have to start studying for finals. I will call my sister later today and see how mom is doing still. I am just so happy it went well. It could have been different. It is brain surgery and that just scares me. The doctors went in through my mom's right ear and since they had to cut a nerve she lost hearing in that ear. That is the only negative thing so far from the surgery so that is really good. WOOT WOOT! Now I think I will go eat lunch. I have nothing do to unless I want to start studying until my 5:30 class. I missed the class the week before thanksgiving and we did not have class last week so I guess I should go even though I do not want too. I really do not like lingustics. It is just sooo boring. Farewell for now. *happy dance*

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